Monthly Archives: March 2015

2015 February Report

Carroll County Parks Director, Trudy Crunkleton,  led the February FOMR Walk and Talk updating everyone on the progress at Moore’s Bridge Park. The fields at the park looked great as they were recently cut with a new Bobcat skid steer with mulching equipment  purchased by her department. A downed tree […]

2015 January Report

About 15 hikers enjoyed a nice sunny walk at Moore’s Bridge Park, Black Dirt Road Entrance, led by Parks Director Trudy Crunkleton.  Trudy informed us that most of the work to complete the Grant contract has been completed, including a park entrance sign and gate, restroom facilities, paved parking lot, parking area for horse […]

2014 Reports

November: The Friends of McIntosh Reserve held the November Walk and Talk in the Whitesburg Library due to the November cold spell.  Sally Bethea, the Chattachoochee Riverkeeper (CRK), presented an overview of their accomplishments over the last 20 years and announced that she was retiring as executive director and Riverkeeper to […]

2013 Reports

August: Brent Hess and Paul Jones, fish biologists with GA DNR, along with Riley Hess, 12 year old son of Brent, met us at the boat ramp at McIntosh on a cold, rainy August morning to demonstrate the “Electric-fishing” rig used to monitor the fish populations in the Chattahoochee River.  Carefully […]

2012 Reports

December: It was a perfect day for the annual Christmas Fern and Holly Hike with Eleanor and Wendell Hoomes.  As usual, we had both the fast walkers led by Eleanor and the slower walkers led by Wendell.  This year we had two visitors from the Douglasville Photography club, Stella Spyrou and Janet Newton, […]

2011 Reports

December:  Wendell and Eleanor led the annual Christmas ferns and holly Walk and Talk. November: The FOMR annual meeting was held at Historic Banning Mills on November 3.  The featured speaker was  Bruce Green, the Director of the Tourism Division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development., who discussed the potential […]

2010 Reports

November: Sally Bethea, founding director of the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper discussed efforts to improve water quality in the Chattahoochee River basin, October: Dr. David Morgan spoke at the FOMR annual meeting at Historic Banning Mills about the survey of plants conducted at McIntosh Reserve.

2009 Reports

April: Wendell and Eleanor Hoomes led a spectacular Spring Wildflower Walk and Talk.  We all visited the Atamasco lilies at Council Bluff  before parting for a one hour hike with Eleanor and a three hour hike with Wendell.  We were on the look-out for all our old friends as well as a few new ones. […]

2008 Reports

December: A large group enjoyed our annual winter walk with Wendell and Eleanor Hoomes to view the Christmas ferns and the native holly.  Both seem to be flourishing in the McIntosh woods. November: Sally Bethea, Upper Chattahoochee River Keeper, discussed the impact of decreasing the amount of water released from Lake […]

2007 Reports

August:  Brent Womack, Naturalist with DNR, spoke about mast types and availability for area wildlife.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a hike through park meadows and forests to observe examples of the various resources discussed. July:  Giff Beaton, author of Dragonflies and Damselflies of Georgia and the Southeast,  presented a powerpoint program to […]