2009 Reports

April: Wendell and Eleanor Hoomes led a spectacular Spring Wildflower Walk and Talk.  We all visited the Atamasco lilies at Council Bluff  before parting for a one hour hike with Eleanor and a three hour hike with Wendell.  We were on the look-out for all our old friends as well as a few new ones.

March: Dr Tim Chowns led an informative and lively Walk and Talk on the geology of the Chattahoochee River valley.  During the Walk portion of the morning, we discovered the most likely location of the river in its geological past.

February: Jonathan Stober, Conservation Biologist and Longleaf Pine Alliance member, described the history and ecology of the longleaf pine which once dominated 90 million acres in the southeast.  We then planted about 40 of them in an area which once had a large number of long leaf pines and does receive the necessary fire management which should allow them to thrive.

January: Dr. Diana Hartell talked about her project telling the story of four rivers (including the Chattahoochee) and the people who seek to protect them.  She shared her stories collected so far about the Bronx River, the upper Mississippi and the Klamath, and we contributed stories about the Chattahoochee.