2015 January Report

About 15 hikers enjoyed a nice sunny walk at Moore’s Bridge Park, Black Dirt Road Entrance, led by Parks Director Trudy Crunkleton.  Trudy informed us that most of the work to complete the Grant contract has been completed, including a park entrance sign and gate, restroom facilities, paved parking lot, parking area for horse trailers, picnic area, and trails to the river. Since last year’s hike at Moore’s Bridge, the area at the rivers’ edge has been aesthetically cleared and work on the boat ramp will soon begin. The boat ramp will allow kayakers to put in at Moore’s Bridge and exit at McIntosh.  A “soft opening”, required before the grantors can sign off on the completed work, will be held soon.  This section of the Park has a different emphasis from the more historical area at the Moore house and bridge, which will be the next area for improvements.  The power line right of way visually separates the two sides of the park. Opening of the entire Park is a “work in progress”.

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