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Building the Appalachians: a Walk and Talk at McIntosh Reserve Park with Dr. Tim Chowns

Building the Appalachians

Geology of the Carrollton Greenbelt

A walking guide to the geology of Carroll County
By Tim Chowns, Professor Emeritus, University of West Georgia

Geology of Carrollton Greenbelt

By Friends of McIntosh Reserve

Action Plan

Eulogy delivered by Angie Stober at the Celebration of Life for Wendell Hoomes, on April 22, 2018

Wendell Hoomes Eulogy

Dr. Jerry Stober: Rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere – July 2015 Walk and Talk

C02 and Climate Change

Morgan Plant Survey at McIntosh Reserve Park


During 2009 through 2010, Dr. David Morgan, Botanist in the Department of Biology at the University of West Georgia, conducted a survey of the plants at McIntosh Reserve Park, located in Carroll County, GA.  Dr. Morgan has allowed us to post the results of this survey on the Friends of McIntosh Reserve website as he completes the final corrections to the manuscript.

This information is copyrighted by Dr. Morgan.  It may not be used for financial gain, but only for your personal education. The Friends of McIntosh Reserve, Inc. is extremely grateful to Dr. Morgan for this comprehensive research, which will provide a basis for comparison and planning for McIntosh Reserve Park for many years to come.

McIntosh Reserve plant list

McIntosh Reserve plant survey report

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FOMR Newsletter 2012 Vol-11#1 spring

FOMR Newsletter 2011 Vol-10