2015 February Report

Carroll County Parks Director, Trudy Crunkleton,  led the February FOMR Walk and Talk updating everyone on the progress at Moore’s Bridge Park. The fields at the park looked great as they were recently cut with a new Bobcat skid steer with mulching equipment  purchased by her department. A downed tree and some brush were also cut. Loy Howard of Tanner Health System has expressed interest to Trudy in Tanner being involved as a partner in county park trails as a way to promote wellness.  Trudy has turned in her prospective budget for the next three years. She and the County Commissioners have been fine tuning development plans for Moore’s Bridge which include an educational/interpretive center building larger than the meeting room building at Tanner Park where we held our annual meeting, and there has been discussion of a pavilion with an enclosed kitchen/storage area. There continues to be talk of restoring the Moore house, but the other house on the property seems to be of less historical  significance. Trudy has been in discussion with a Georgia Department of Transportation manager regarding the routing of the trail along the Chattahoochee River, spur trails, parking lots and restrooms near the river to utilize the DOT grant money effectively. Recreational vehicle camping areas with restroom and shower facilities are being planned.  Trudy recommended that we visit the Little Tallapoosa Park on Hwy 13 and evaluate the camping areas and the shower/restroom facilities there. Trudy wants the signage at Moore’s Bridge Park consistent with signage at other county parks. We toured the Moore House. The roof doesn’t seem to be leaking.  Break-ins will probably continue until the isolated house is staffed. There was support for encouraging a forensic botanist to assess the plants at this park. It is expected that the Carroll County Historical Society will be offering input into the park’s development. (Review provided by Randall Herrin, pictures by Dita Pickering.)

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