Yearly Archives: 2015

2015 October Report

Renee Simmons Raney let a walk and talk at McIntosh Reserve called “Nature Observation through Fairy Houses.  Children and adults constructed “fairy houses” from natural objects, such as stones, branches, flowers, feathers etc., found in the woods around Council Bluff.  Houses were built in the crevices and holes of trees, on the ground, […]

2015 August Report

In August of 2015, Brent Hess and Paul Jones, fish biologists with DNR fisheries, discussed the responsibilities for oversight and management of fish health in the Chattahoochee River basin as well as for public safety and access to the river and lakes for fishing and boating. DNR is responsible for […]

2015 July Report

Dr. Jerry Stober presented a Walk and Talk on the effects of CO2 in the atmosphere.  A summary of his presentation  CO2 and Climate and Change will be found in the Other Publications page. Thank you, Jerry, for taking the time to put this information together for us.

2015 June Report

On Saturday June 16, we traveled the course we usually take at Christmas and for the spring wildflower hike.  It was fun seeing and identifying our old friends in their summer dresses and shapes.  And Ben’s stories of McIntosh’s last hours, and sightings of old stills spiced the walk with other things […]

2015 May Report

The May 2015 Walk and Talk was led by Dr. Tim Chowns and featured the history of the Appalachians as visible from McIntosh Reserve Park. Beginning with a review of the major rock families one expects to find within a mountain range, Tim took us through the dynamic process of the birthing and erosion of […]

2015 April Report

It turned out to be a beautiful day for the Srping Wildflower hike at McIntosh.  Wendell Hoomes led the group down to the river to view the lilies below Council Bluff and then along the back trails to check out what might be blossoming there.  The hike was joined this […]

2015 March Report

About 25 hikers made it to Blackjack Mountain for the March Walk and Talk in spite of our inadequate directions.  At least two people failed to find us, as the park entrance is not yet clearly marked. The park is located in the southwest corner of Carroll County just at the lines of Carroll and Heard Counties and Alabama. Traveling west on HWY100 the […]

2015 February Report

Carroll County Parks Director, Trudy Crunkleton,  led the February FOMR Walk and Talk updating everyone on the progress at Moore’s Bridge Park. The fields at the park looked great as they were recently cut with a new Bobcat skid steer with mulching equipment  purchased by her department. A downed tree […]

2015 January Report

About 15 hikers enjoyed a nice sunny walk at Moore’s Bridge Park, Black Dirt Road Entrance, led by Parks Director Trudy Crunkleton.  Trudy informed us that most of the work to complete the Grant contract has been completed, including a park entrance sign and gate, restroom facilities, paved parking lot, parking area for horse […]

2014 Reports

November: The Friends of McIntosh Reserve held the November Walk and Talk in the Whitesburg Library due to the November cold spell.  Sally Bethea, the Chattachoochee Riverkeeper (CRK), presented an overview of their accomplishments over the last 20 years and announced that she was retiring as executive director and Riverkeeper to […]