2023 May Report – Birds

May, 2023: Walk and Talk with Bob Myers, “The Amazing World of Birds”

Dr. Bob Myers took on bird watching after retirement. It has brought him and his wife, Sue, many happy hours in the their backyard as well as many miles of happy traveling. And it has brought his friends many lovely pictures and stories.

For this Walk and Talk, Bob charmed us with lots of interesting comparison and “bird facts.” The domestic chicken is the most abundant bird in the world, while the Blue Bird is the winner, other than the chicken, in North America. A small song bird may have as many as 2000 feathers, which have to be carefully cared for. Birds lose about 10 percent of their body weight each night. A less charming fact: We have lost billions of birds due to man – and cat – made causes.

Bob’s pictures and insightful observations illustrated many of the very unique and successful adaptations seen among the members of the bird family. Variations in size, feathers, colors, leg length, beak shape etc. have given Bob’s camera an amazing pallet to sample for us. He offered a few lovely slides from his talk.