2022 November Report – Appalachians

On November 19, 2022, Tim Chowns led a hike around the base and to the top of Council Bluff at McIntosh Reserve Park as he talked about the building of the Appalachian Mountains. Using the collision of the Pacific and North American plates as a template for the ancient collisions that formed the Appalachians, Dr. Chowns took us through the eons that have formed the world we now know. A link to a concise report of his comments can be found on the Publications/Other Publications page.

The pictures taken at this event attest to the interests the participants had in the subject of mountain building, as well as to some suspected attention deficit issues among our group. As usual, treasures discovered along the trail or brought along occupied some of our time and kept us all entertained as we hiked between sites for the next stage of the Talk portion of our day. We all enjoyed the vigor and curiosity of our youngest participant, Josie Crews. Chrissie Jones brought along the deer skin she is in the process of conditioning, as it was at a stage that could not be left unattended: it required constant pulling and manipulation to keep it supple. Suzanne Blackwell gave her a hand with this work as we hiked along. The river was particularly lovely this day from the top of the Bluff. A link to the pictures for this event can be found on the Photos/Walk and Talk Albums page.