Walk and Talk Albums

2017-08 August - Sample Fish from the River

Images from the August 19, 2017 Walk and Talk by
Brent Hess with DNR fisheries.

2017-07 July - Upcoming August 21 Solar Eclipse

One image from the July 15, 2017 Walk and Talk on the August 21 Eclipse presented by Dr. Ben DeMayo.

2017-05 May - Trees in McIntosh

Images from the May 20, 2017 Walk and Talk on Trees at McIntosh Reserve Park presented by Jesse Thompson.

2017-04 April

Images from the April 22, 2017 Walk and Talk on Spring Wildflowers presented by Dr. David Morgan.

202016-08 August - Volcanoes and volcanism.

Images from the August 20, 2016 Walk and Talk about Volcanoes and volcanism presented by Dr Tim Chowns.

2016-07 July - Beavers

Images from the July 23, 2016 Walk and Talk about beavers presented by Kevin McCauley.

2015-10 October - Fairy Houses

Images from the October 17, 2015 Walk and Talk with topic Nature Observation Through Fairy Houses presented by Renee Simmons Raney.


2015-08 August

Images from the August Walk and Talk: Sampling the Fish in the Chattahoochee at McIntosh Reserve Park. 

2015-05 May

Images from the May 2015 Walk and Talk.

2015-03 March

Images taken during the March 2015 Walk and Talk at Blackjack.

2015-02 February

Images of the Moore's House taken during the Walk and Talk at the Moore's Bridge Park.

2015-01 January

Images from the January 2015 Walk and Talk at Moore's Bridge Park. Walk from Black Dirt Rd Entrance to the River and back. 

2014 Annual Report

Collages included in the 2014 Annual Report.

2014-10 October

Images were taken during the October 2014 Walk and Talk at the McIntosh Reserve Park when Renee Morrison, Field Schools Assistant Director with Jacksonville State University and an Alabama National Storyteller presented a riveting program on snakes.

2014-08 August

Images taken during the July 2014 Walk and Talk when Dr. Timothy Chowns began the walk and talk at Council Bluff at the McIntosh Reserve Park appropriately with a Geology 101 introduction to rocks and how they weather.

2014-07 July

Images taken during the July 2014 Walk and Talk at the McIntosh Reserve Park when Stanley Tate talked about birds.

2014-05 May

Images taken during the May 2014 Walk and Talk when  Dr. David Morgan, Department of Biology, University of West Georgia, talked about Grasses and Invasive Plants.


2013-02 February

Images taken at the Moore's Bridge Park (Black Dirt Rd. entrance)

2013-01 January

Images taken at the Moore's Bridge Park Walk and Talk.

2012-12 December

Images taken during the December 2012 Walk and Talk at McIntosh Reserve Park when Eleanor and Wendell Hoomes talked about Christmas Fern and Holly.