2015 April Report

It turned out to be a beautiful day for the Srping Wildflower hike at McIntosh.  Wendell Hoomes led the group down to the river to view the lilies below Council Bluff and then along the back trails to check out what might be blossoming there.  The hike was joined this year by Mike and Gina Strickland, who helped with plant identification.  Mike’s specific pictures for the day will be available later, but he prepared a list of the plants that were seen, with links to identification pictures taken over the years at his own home property.  Here is a link to that URL, which will be a available for awhile. By going to the URL, you will see a list of the plants seen.  If you then click on the name of a plant, you can see what the plant looks like.   It is always possible to visit Mike’s website at any time to view the plants and pictures in his collection.    For now, it can be reached by clicking on “homepage” when you open this URL.  You will always be able to reach it through this link:  http://georgianatives.net/index.php ..  (Since I am not sure when he will change the pictures on his URL, I have attached a list of the plants he did have listed at the time.)

Plants seen at McIntosh on 4/4/15:  http://georgianatives.net/natives/special.php

Please click on this link to get to Mike Strickland’s Picture Index

April Walk and Talk Participants