About Us

Friends of McIntosh Reserve

FOMR is a non-profit organization committed to the support and protection of McIntosh Reserve Park in Carroll County, GA.  The park is located southwest of Whitesburg, GA off of GA 5.   The address is 1046 West McIntosh Circle, Whitesburg, GA 30185.


  • Ensure passive recreational use while preserving the habitat for plants and animals endemic to the Reserve.
  • Aid in the education of the public about the unique features of the Reserve.
  • Participate in the development of McIntosh Reserve as a critical partof the Chattahoochee River Corridor.
  • Assist in the institution of trail maintenance procedures consistentwith the preservation of natural areas.
  • Work with County Commissioners to ensure a management planconsistent with these goals.

McIntosh Reserve Park:  770-830-5879


Current officers and board of FOMR

President: Jerry Stober
Past President: Carol Mitchell
Treasurer:  Tim Chowns
Recording Secretary: Dita Pickering
Corresponding Secretary: Margery Bouris
Nominations: Annie Stewart
Walk and Talk Coordinator: Alyson Stober
Membership: Robin Collins
Events: Mary O’Neill
Webmasters: Stella Spyrou, Mitch Clifton
Board Members:  Tim Chowns, Mitch Clifton, Ben DeMayo (through the end of the year 2019), Margery Bouris, Annie Stewart, Jerry Stober (through 2020), Robin Collins, Mary O’Neill, Alyson Stober (through 2021)