2015 May Report

The May 2015 Walk and Talk was led by Dr. Tim Chowns and featured the history of the Appalachians as visible from McIntosh Reserve Park.

Beginning with a review of the major rock families one expects to find within a mountain range, Tim took us through the dynamic process of the birthing and erosion of mountain systems.   Sites around the world and within the park were used as examples.  We were able to imagine the forces at work as 10 mile high mountains floated on the tectonic plates, pushing down here, and up there, creating convection currents that tear plates apart to create baby oceans. He made it all so exciting.  If you took notes and paid attention, you would have had a full college course in the space of a half hour.  If you just listened and enjoyed, you would have gone on a journey of our earth’s history, and had a glimpse of our likely future.

After the lecture, we walked through the park, looking at evidence of the 250 year old Brevard fault that cuts across the Chattahoochee and the rock formations that continue to respond to powerful geologic forces.

2015 May Walk and Talk

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